Cat, Dog, and Pet Trivia Questions With The Answers

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Free printable trivia questions about cats and dogs, cartoon cats, domestic cats, dog breeds, pet tricks, Felix the Cat and more!

Trivia quiz questions about dogs and cats and related material



What  cartoon character is always trying to catch the canary Tweetie Pie?

Answer: Sylvester  the cat


How many of an adult domestic cat's 30 teeth are canines?

Answer: 4.


What is the most common trick that pet dogs perform?

Answer: Sit.


What breed of dog was responsible for two-thirds of all U.S. dog bite deaths in the 1980s?

Answer: The pit bull.


What taste is it that are cats unable to detect?

Answer: Sweet.


A cat usually stays in heat for how many days?

Answer: Five.


What are the two types of dogs that were crossed to create the whippet?

Answer: The greyhound and the terrier.


What type of dog breed is especially distinctive due to a genetic condition called achondroplasia?

Answer: The dachshund.  Achondroplasia - in the dachshund's case, causes abnormally short legs.


In ancient Rome what animal was the symbol of liberty?

Answer: The cat.


What is present in the variety of quartz stone known as cat's-eye that gives it its unique glowing appearance?

Answer: Asbestos fibers.


What was Felix the Cat's  girlfriend's name?

Answer: Phyllis.


If handled by humans, what pets are a major cause of salmonella poisoning ?

Answer: Turtles.


What movie's  plot featured the disappearance of a dolphin named Snowflake?

Answer: Ace Ventura - Pet Detective.


Felix the cat was created by whom?

Answer: Otto Messmer.


What is the number species of domestic dog are in existence today?

Answer: One.


What is the name of the stage musical that the song Memory comes from?

Answer: Cats.


How many teeth does a typical adult dog have?

Answer: 42.


The movie Dog Day Afternoon takes place in what American city?

Answer: New York.


What dog was named for its skill at flushing out woodcock for hunters?

Answer: The cocker spaniel.