TV Trivia Questions and Answers including The Simpson's, Patty Duke, M*A*S*H, Batman, Joan Collins, Ronald Reagan and More!

Printable Trivia Questions And Answers including The Simpson's, Archie Bunker, John Wayne, and More!


Free printable TV trivia questions and answers with material from Jack Benny, Name That Tune, Archie Bunker, Those Were The Days, Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse, Colombo, Hoss Cartwright, Bonanza, Dynasty, and more!

Free printable television trivia questions and answers.


What was the theme song Jack Benny played off-key on his violin?

Answer: "Love in Bloom".


What character actress provides the voice of mother Marge on TV's animated sitcom The Simpson's?

Answer: Julie Kavner--who first came to the attention of TV audiences as Brenda Morgenstern the awkward kid sister on "Rhoda."


What famous American won $15,000 on the TV quiz show Name That Tune?
Hint: One of the 25 songs he named correctly was "Far Away Places."

Answer: Former Ohio senator and astronaut John Glenn, who was a Marine major at the time.


What car did TV's Archie Bunker recall fondly in "Those Were the Days," the theme song of the sitcom all in the Family?

Answer: The LaSalle. He sang. "Gee our old LaSalle ran great."


What actress, as a 12-year-old, won $32,000, on TV's $64,000 Challenge" and later admitted she had been given the answers in advance?

Answer: Patty Duke, in 1958, shortly before she won acclaim for her portrayal of Helen Keller in "The Miracle Worker" on Broadway.


What was the name Walt Disney originally proposed for Mickey Mouse?

Answer: Mortimer.


What famous Hollywood star turned down the role of Marsha Matt Dillon on TB's Gunsmoke before James Arness was offered the part?

Answer: John Wayne--who recommended his little-known actor-friend Arness for the role.


What was the name of the newspaper started by cross-dressing corporal Max Klinger on the hit TV sitcom M*A*S*H?

Answer: M*A*S*H Notes.


What famous catchphrase delivered by Peter Falk indicated that Columbo, TV's rumpled detective, was closing in on the criminal?

Answer: "Oh, one more thing."


What one-time famous TV Western star got his acting start in college when someone srong was needed to carry bodies in a student production of Arsenic and Old Lace?

Answer: Dan Blocker, who played Hoss Cartwright on Bonanza.


What new career did actor Jay Sliverheels, best known for his portrayal of the Lone Ranger's Faithful companion, Tonto, launch after retiring from show business in 1984?

Answer: He became a harness-racing driver.


What TV show featured radio station KBHR? How about radio station KJCM?

Answer: KBHR was on Northern Exposure; KJCM, on Midnight Caller.


On the TV sitcom The Munsters what was Lily Munster's maiden name?

Answer: Dracula.


What did the American Lung Association call the "awards" it issued in 1996 to TV dramas it felt wrongly glamorized smoking?

Answer: Phlemmys. The big winners were Chicago Hope and NYPD Blue.


In what role did Helen Hunt, star of the TV sitcom Mad About You, appear on The Mary Tyler Moore Show when she was seven years old?

Answer: The daughter of head news writer Murray Slaughter.


What Hollywood sexpot played the wicked Siren on the Batman television series?

Answer: Joan Collins.


Who plays Captain Kangaroo, and what other well-known television character did he play?

Answer: Bob Keeshan, who was also the first Clarabell the Clown on The Howdy Doody show.


The only time Ralph Edwards did not host This Is Your Life, was on January 30, 1957. Who was the substitute host that night?

Answer: Ronald Reagan.


What actress, appearing in the TV series Dynasty, made her television debut in 1957 in Bachelor Father with her Dynasty co-star Jon Forsyth?

Answer: Linda Evans.


Which of Jim Henson's Muppets was he first to become a regular on national television?

Answer: Rowlf the Dog. The Muppet hound, created for a dog food commercial, appeared for three seasons on The Jimmy Dean Show.


What well-know actor ahs been now to carry a small battery-powered fan to blow cigarette send cigar smoke back at the offending source?

Answer: Larry (J.R.Ewing) Hagman.


What famous couple appeared in the 1958 television play A Turkey for the president?

Answer: President-to-be Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy. The dramatization was the Thanksgiving feature on General Electric Theater, which Reagan hosted.