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Free military trivia quiz questions and answers including American-made tanks, Gen. George Armstrong Custer, Battle of the Little Bighorn, Napoleon Bonaparte and more.

Free Military Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers About World War I.


What auto maker built the first armored tanks used by U.S. troops in battle?

Answer: Renault. The French-made tanks first saw service in the Battle of St. Mibiel on September 12,  1918. No American-made tanks were used in World War I.


What baseball Hall of Famer was court-martialed for refusing to take a seat in the back of a U.S. Army bus?

Answer: Jackie Robinson, in 1944, while a second lieutenant. He was acquitted.


Which controversial hero graduated at the bottom of his West Point class in 1861?

Answer: Gen. George Armstrong Custer.


What twentieth-century American general had a grandfather who was a confederate brigadier general in the Civil War, and a great -great-great-grandfather who was a general in the Revolutionary War?

Answer: George S. Patton.


What was the name of Adolph Hitler's favorite dog--the Alsatian he used to make sure his cyanide capsules were lethal?

Answer: Blondi. Hitler used the cyanide to commit suicide after seeing that it worked on Blondi.


What childhood name was shared by Gen. George A. Custer and Chief Crazy Horse, the Oglala Sioux leader he faced at the Battle of the Little Bighorn?

Answer: Curly.


How long did it take Napoleon to send a message from Rome to Paris--almost 700 miles--using a semaphore system to signal from mountaintop to mountaintop?

Answer: Four hours.


The walls of what structure--made entirely of natural material--stand up better to modern artillery than a concrete barricade, according to tests conducted by the Swedish army?

Answer: The igloo. Not only do its walls absorb an artillery blast, but they are almost invisible from the air and can't be spotted by the infrared sensors that guide today's missiles.


What film was based on the Civil War exploits of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment?

Answer: Glory. The 54th was one of two black regiments formed by Massachusetts in 1862. Massachusetts was the first state to have blacks in its organized militia.


Where did Napoleon Bonaparte bid farewell to his imperial guard in 1814?

Answer: In the courtyard at Fontainebleau Palace--which is now know as the Adieux Courtyard. In French, adieux means "farewell."


In World War II Navy slang, what was an airdale?

Answer: A naval aviation recruit.


What was the daily ration of hard liquor for soldiers in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War?

Answer: Four ounces--when available.


During World War II, what wearing apparel were American women encouraged to turn in for use in making parachutes?

Answer: Their nylon stockings--which were melted down and turned into parachute fabric.


What army did the Greeks defeat at the battle of Marathon in 490 B.C.?

Answer: The Persian army. The marathon race commemorates the run a Greek courier made from the battlefield to Athens to deliver news of the victory before collapsing and dying of exhaustion.


How many members of Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer's family were killed at the Battle of Little Big Horn?

Answer: Five, counting Custer. Those who died with him were his half-brothers, Tom and Boston; nephew, Harry Armstrong Reed; and a brother-in-law; James Calhoun.


A pin-up photo of what actress adorned the first test bomb dropped on Bikini atoll in the Marshall Islands in July 1946?

Answer: Rita Hayworth.